VENTURE BROS. Season 2 is now available to stream on Netflix.


Nikola Tesla-his Fave Pigeon in Venture Bros Style by SpookyChan
Character (?)- Nikola Tesla & his Favorite Pigeon From- kinda not really Venture Brothers (read on) media- FireAlpaca/Photoshop
SO! This was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now. This would be sorta cannon— in the episode ORB (Season3), Nikola Tesla is mentioned attacking the airship that has the Orb housed in it, with Venture, Phantomos, Twain, Crowley, etc. End of story- I wanted to design Tesla in a Venture style. Trying to emulate Venture-isms and my own nonsense. I also selected colors from the ORB episode (though they changed up with levels and whatnot) but I also wanted to try to keep the feel of that scene with effects.
ANYWAYS- Just a silly picture. Sorta Venture fanart (which i haven’t done in forever). Getting over a cold and I wanted to do something fun before returning to work.

Worthy of breaking my Tumblr silence. 
Dr. Girlfriend storyboard by Douglace Lovelace
Dr. Girlfriend storyboard by Douglas Lovelace

Eat the pennies, Quizboy

Billy, just eat the pennies, WILL YA?!



Commission for Charlotte Vicarage of the State University crew playing a rousing game of DnD!

Oh god yes.

Amazing. <3

Venture Bros by Patrick Leger for Juxtapoz
Aleister Crowley character design by Douglas Lovelace for The Venture Bros.

Keep your eyes peeled on adultswim tonight if you love us and new things from us. We’ve cut two 30-second commercial clip spots for the upcoming Venture Bros. Season 5 premiere episode, and I’m told they’ll be running them this weekend.

“Triana and Krampus” by Douglas Lovelace.
My favorite piece of production art, also appropriately festive. 

There it is! (Shocked I seemed to have deleted the original post.)