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Venture Bros. illustrations from the Season 5 DVD / Blu-Ray packaging

By Patrick Leger


- Bill Sienkiewicz




Commission for Charlotte Vicarage of the State University crew playing a rousing game of DnD!

Oh god yes.

Amazing. <3

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Had a refreshing view of the trailer for Season 5. I had previously seen it at NYCC and upon rewatching I spotted one of things that made me “geek out” as they say. That shimmering Flash Gordon reference. 

A thing I couldn’t get a good shot of was (what I assume to be) the Wild Fop in the hearse.

Aaaaand there are some other things (big and small) that I cannot mention at this time that are going to be beyond spectacular. Season 5 is going to roundly kick the asses of things you could not wrap your head around a season of a television show doing so. This is fact. 

Season 5 starts May 19th

Most appropriate time for a ‘Boom, Yummy!’ joke.


"This is a night of true magic. Halloween is the night we discover who we are. Are we people who make zombie armies? Are we those who condemn others, or are we beautiful children in resplendent costumes collecting candy? Are our choices in costumes provocative? Do we dress up as our ideal self, or are we not ready to decide what to be? Do you see it now? We use this one enchanted night to perform the greatest feat of magic there is. We become ourselves. Halloween is the true magic. It is the night we discover who we really are.” 

- Doctor Orpheus, A Very Venture Halloween


Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer talk Venture Bros. and Inspiration

“We’re making Season 5 right now,” Publick said. “We haven’t gotten any animation back yet – it’s coming, like, next week but we do have a little something to show you.”

With that, fans were treated to a 10-minute animatic providing a glimpse of new locations, new characters and a few scenes from the fifth season. Throughout the video, the crowd regularly broke into fits of laughter and cheers.

“There’s actually a Season 6,” Hammer said. “Also, this is not the last season. Even if you watch Season 5 and you’re like, ‘Aw, they got so bad,’ which you won’t because it’s awesome.”

As the two left the stage, Hammer joked, “We’re super-apologetic for putting out our show every two-and-a-half years.”

SDCC 2012: ‘The Venture Brothers’ Panel ›


The Venture Brothers came to San Diego Comic-Con and spoke to a packed house filled with some of the best cosplayers in all of fandom. All the fans in the crowd waited with baited breath for the announcement of when season five would premiere. Their anticipation was paid off when show creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer told them that they would get a Halloween special for this year, with new episodes starting in early 2013.

The crowd was then treated to an animatics preview of the upcoming season. The preview had plenty of laughs and included shots of Sgt. Hatred with bitch tits, Doc Venture and Billy Quizboy doing a ventriloquist act, and the promise that Brock Samson will be in the whole season. We also learned that The Monarch is a big Game of Thrones fan, but that Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is not. Judging from the limited footage shown, it looks like we’re in for another excellent season.

Several guest stars were announced for the upcoming season. J.K. Simmons will guest star in the Halloween special. Other guest voices for the season include Aziz AnsariJohn HodgmanTim MeadowsGillian Jacobs, and Paget Brewster.

One other thing that was announced is that there will be another hour-long special between seasons five and six.”

Bif Bang Pow! Booth at SDCC 2012