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An example and detail of beetlewing embroidery made in the 1880s in the Hobart School for Mussulman Girls in Madras, India. The design is stitched in gold thread on black muslin net. The wing cases are from Jewel Beetles which shed them naturally throughout their lives. Clothing and accessories containing beetlewing embroidery became extremely fashionable during the Victorian period.

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Abott Handerson Thayer, The Sisters (Detail), 1884

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Salvador Dali - Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid (detail)

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Salvador Dali - The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus (detail)

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“Sadko In The Underwater Kingdom” (with detail), Ilya Repin.

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“Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time [Allegory of the Triumph of Venus]” (detail), 1545, Agnolo Bronzino. (via)

Crowded into the claustrophobic foreground of the painting are several figures whose identities have been the subject of extensive scholarly debate. (…) The old woman rending her hair has been called Jealousy—though some believe her to represent the ravaging effects of syphilis (result of unwise intercourse)”. (from the Wikipedia)


Salvador Dalí, Printemps Nécrophilique (detail), 1936