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WEEP - Making Monday the “New Wednesday”. 


WEEP @ Hank’s Saloon, 8/24/13

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WEEP @ Spike Hill, 12/7/13



WEEP @ Hank’s Saloon, 8/24/13

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WEEP performs ‘Alate’ at Leftfield Bar

January 24th, 10PM

WEEP merch will be available for purchase at the show!

Pst, c’mere~ 


Okay, we’re gonna try playing for you again. As you may remember, the Halloween show was a wash (pun intended.) So we got ourself a hardscrabble little show, and are going to once again attempt to play ONLY SONGS FROM ALATE for you. Call it a late Christmas gift, but don’t call it a Record Release Party. That ship has sailed!

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WEEP’s ‘Alate’ is Projekt’s best-selling album of 2012!

Purchase CD at Projekt $13.98| Download at iTunes $9.99

Merging Doc Hammer’s husky croon, post-punk guitars and catchy 80’s bass-lines/synths, WEEP creates a dark yet satisfyingly upbeat pop album painted by WEEP’s passion and unflinching take on contemporary music.

Title: It's So Late Artist: WEEP 319 plays


WEEP | It’s So Late

“A FREE taste of WEEP.

TRIVIA: ‘It’s So Late’, the song featured here, has a proofing error on Alate’s included lyric book. The first line of the chorus is printed as “Cameras see your photos fade away.” The line is actually “Cameras see you, photos fade away.” Listen to it for yourself. It’s as clear as a sunny day!”

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“WEEP to listen to, and then develop love for, later to become addicted to.

It’s tough. How do you get this crap out there? Spamming Venture fans is like the worst idea. Sure, there are a few people that love Venture, and also love WEEP, but for the most part, these are two different takes on art. Both valid and done with the same quest for a ‘little beautiful Truth’, but not the same general aesthetic. Culturally, we tend to condemn those that don’t fit into one folder. “You are this to me! Be this, always!” So WEEP believers, we beg you to tell your friends, that are inclined to such things, about our humble little rock band. We made ‘Alate’ for one reason; To give back to a thing that helped make us who we are today. The love of music. Help us share!

UNRELATED TRIVIA: I just spilled coffee on my light colored trousers. I then dabbed them with water, and now look like I completely hauled off and pissed myself. Handsome!

'Alate' now available on iTunes ›


Download WEEP’s new album ‘Alate’ on iTunes for $9.99


WEEP at Crash Mansion, NYC

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WEEP ‘Alate’ on top of the 1902, first edition of WEEP ‘Alate’.

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Title: Fifteen Times Artist: WEEP 190 plays


WEEP | Fifteen Times (45 second preview)

From the upcoming album, ‘Alate’. Available August 28th.

WEEP - Alate | Available August 28th ›


“After one full length album and two EPs, WEEP returns with what is clearly their masterpiece to date. Alate takes the listener confidently through an eleven song journey of grand soundscapes painted by WEEP’s passion and unflinching take on contemporary music.

DOC HAMMER – “When we started on this recording, I wanted it to be as big, bad, mysterious as meconium. To have every instrument, every note, every breath have a desperation. We wanted it to be brave and just lay it all out and go ‘This is exactly what we like… I hope one of you agrees with us.’ Ya know? We wanted to make a classic, and not some smarty-pants release that critics and hipsters chew up and spit out, but a thing that delivers its milky payload for years to come. Not everyone wants a shower of WEEP’s pearly idea of drama, but for those that do, we wanted Alate to deliver. I think it does.”

Huge guitars, huge drums, and huge choruses work to create a sound that moves the listener through WEEP’s epic creation. As timeless as it is contemporary, WEEP screams in brooding pop, and alternative rock languages to create something that in its strength, has the ability to sound fragile and even a little delicate.

DOC HAMMER – “I wanted to make something that one person thinks is the greatest record of all time, while their friend is like ‘I don’t get it, it’s stupid.’ Does that make sense? When I was a kid I heard the Smiths and my head exploded. I played it for my best friend and he didn’t like it AT ALL. That’s the kinda Truth I was shooting for. To lock into the heartbeat of that person that’s like me and give them something that they can adore. You can’t make something like that and not be constantly be thinking that you may have gone a little too far. You gotta just keep going and remember that nothing smells as bad as cowardice. Look, it’s just music. One more thing to enjoy in life. If you make something that you honestly believe in, there is a chance that someone will join in and be pleased for a minute and a half. Oh! And my friend who didn’t get The Smiths? He loves them now and denies that there was a point that he didn’t. It’s so annoying.”

From the dark, yet strangely upbeat pop sound of the opener “It’s So Late”, all the way through to the ballad-like closing track “Alate Ardor”, WEEP runs through their future classics with an energy that they have never before shown us.

DOC HAMMER – “I hate singers. They’re these overly confident douche bags for the most part. But when I look up and see a microphone in front of my face, I’m forced to face the facts: I’m that asshole now. I’m the guy I’ve always hated, so I better at least deliver. I thought about what I like in a singer and it came down to “They sound like only themselves, and aren’t afraid to show me what they feel.” So that was my job. To not crap on the songs. To be honest and brave. To throw away all that, sometimes crippling, self awareness and just feel it. To express the passion without worrying what they’re gonna say about me in home room tomorrow. I mean, I can’t be that confident guy that naturally bears his shallow soul as if it were as deep as the Atlantic, but I can be that guy that steps up, and gives the songs he loves (too much) some respect. So I did. It was freeing. It changed everything. It was like WEEP opened a door and walked through it.”“

(MP3 clips available at the link)

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