most intriguing

Had a refreshing view of the trailer for Season 5. I had previously seen it at NYCC and upon rewatching I spotted one of things that made me “geek out” as they say. That shimmering Flash Gordon reference. 

A thing I couldn’t get a good shot of was (what I assume to be) the Wild Fop in the hearse.

Aaaaand there are some other things (big and small) that I cannot mention at this time that are going to be beyond spectacular. Season 5 is going to roundly kick the asses of things you could not wrap your head around a season of a television show doing so. This is fact. 

Season 5 starts May 19th

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    sweet jesus i cried out while waiting for a bus at 1 in the morning when i saw this the other night.
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    i cant wait
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