captainnazz asked:

[1] Purchase plastic bust of Dave Coullier on Ebay for MORE THAN three American dollars. [2] Melt over flame burning on the wood of a particularly smelly rocking chair that someone died in, willing everything to their dog. [3] Crush into a fine powder three ribs of separate Koalas, adding slowly, mixing often. [4] Fill balloon with jenkem made from the feces of a former North Dakota governor, and pop over mixture. [5] Let simmer, season to taste.


That’s for you, right?

Because that summons nothing from me.




That first post is always awkward, not unlike the first day of school, (complete with walking into the wrong classroom and sitting down before you realize your grave mistake.)

So, let’s kick off this blog correctly, in true Tumblr fashion: With an out of context screen cap from a subject sure to be heavily discussed on this here blog: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 

-thumbs up-

Allow me to promote: This is the blog I started recently (as in today) in order to keep all of my work things in line and in one easy-to-find place.

I work in the comic industry (for…wait for it..BLAM! Ventures!), as a Production Assistant / Social Media Manager, and this Tumblr is made to be a behind the scenes look at such.

Comic conventions, news on projects (of which there are many!), and things of that matter. 

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